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The PedoNatural Crown®

The esthetic and cost-effective full crown restoration for the primary dentition.

Finally - a durable, long lasting full crown restoration that will provide your pediatric patients with amazing natural esthetics with the ease and simplicity of a SSC. All you need to do is:

  • 1) Prepare the tooth.
  • 2) Select the correct crown size.
  • 3) Crimp as desired.
  • 4) Cement!

It is that simple and you can acheive results like these:


You will discover that the PedoNatural Crown® is superior in esthetics, durability and ease of application over any other esthetic full crown restoration available today.

When you are in need of an esthetic full crown restoration the PedoNatural Crown® will be what you reach for.

  • No need to use bulky and unsightly resin veneered stainless steel crowns which are difficult to place and usually chip.
  • No need to use composite strip crowns and have the hassle of moisture contamination with etching and bonding.

Achieve the same long-term success, strength and durability that you are accustomed to with stainless steel crowns while providing your patients excellent esthetic full coverage restorations for both posterior and anterior primary teeth …

The PedoNatural Crown® is a polycarbonate crown that is:

  • anatomically correct
  • flexible
  • easy to fit
  • extremely strong and durable

When the PedoNatural Crown® is cemented in place using a self-adhesive resin cement (e.g. RelyX, SmartCem, or G-Cem) the result you achieve will be an exceptional and cost-effective full coverage restoration that will provide:

  • superior marginal integrity
  • excellent retention
  • durability
  • high tensile strength...
  • ...and amazingly natural looking esthetics
for both posterior and anterior restorations.

** RISK-FREE ** INTRODUCTORY TRIAL OFFER: Order any one of our four different starter packages and if you are not completely satisifed with the PNC 4G return any unused crowns for a full refund within 60 days - no questions asked.
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